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Overhauling the Chassis
Overhauling the Chassis, Page 5
So, with that done, the rear end was now sitting a little lower to match the front. The fun was far from over though...this was only the suspension rebuild!
Swapping Engine Mounts
Work began on swapping the M42 mounts to some solid M30 ones a couple days later. A day of rest was badly needed. Returning to the ordeal after some good rest was tough, but it had to be done! The motor was supported by the oil pan when the mounts were removed. The car's weight should never be supported there, but the engine alone is typically OK. Aside from that, I had no engine hoist at the time. The mounting spars and hardware were pretty corroded when I removed them. Some work with the wire wheel and the tap & die set straightened that out nicely.
The passenger side mount is really easy to replace...IF you have removed your air conditioning equipment. The driver's side is a little more involved. Jack the engine up as far as you can without damaging anything after unbolting the mounts from the crossmember. Remove the small vertical bracket attached to the intake manifold and engine wiring box. Once all four bolts holding the mounting spar to the motor are out, you can shimmy it out past the power steering hardware.
I moved the car out of the garage after finishing with the mounts. I would be needing more space for the next task. It was also nice to take a look at the car in daylight with the suspension work done. The Euro headlights and grilles did not hurt either.
Transmission, Clutch and M20 Flywheel
Removing the transmission is one of those jobs that I never look forward to. Getting at the upper bolts is a real pain, and getting the starter off is usually an adventure if it has not moved in a decade. My recommendation for the top bolts is to string together about 4 feet of socket extensions and run them along the top of the transmission. With the transmission crossmember out, you can move it around enough to do this. At any rate, I got some degreaser and set to work cleaning up the transmission. As usual, the neighbors were wondering what on earth I was doing to the car THIS time.
The old Guibo (AKA Flex Disc) was pretty torn up. It was promptly replaced.
You can get the six allen bolts off of the pressure plate pretty easily. You should not need to lock the flywheel/crankshaft. Removing the flywheel calls for an impact wrench. If you do not have one, find a way to lock the flywheel in place.