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Grant Ranch 1/12/2006
Grant Ranch 1/12/2006
A Trip into the Hills
Grant Ranch is a county park about 45 minutes outside of central San Jose. The drive is a nice windy road with a beautiful view. In January of 2006 I decided to make a trip up there to get some pictures of the scenery, and the car. On the way to the park, I stopped in a rancher's driveway to snap a picture with a rustic background. It was just my luck that the one officer that patrolls the area happened to be passing by, and apparently NOBODY is welcome to stop in that driveway for ANY reason.
Our next stop was a parking lot at Grant Lake. The sun was a little intense that morning, and being winter, it was not at the greatest angle. Nevertheless, I took some shots. The scenery is just as important as the vehicle anyway!
After the Grant Lake parking lot, we headed over to one of the lots within the park with a nice view of Mount Hamilton in the background. When entering the park I made SURE to purchase a day-pass. I did not want any more visits by the sheriff.
We moved on to the campgrounds, which are located on top of some low hills. They provided some nice green background imagery from the neighboring hills.
Leaving the campgrounds, we passed by an old barn that had been restored. I camped at Grant Ranch when I was a young child and played around in the area, but the barn was certainly not in the good shape it is now. A LOT of restoration projects have occurred at the park to keep all the historical bits in good shape for visitors.
The last stop on the way out was the Hall's Valley parking lot. Hall's valley is the main parking lot in the park, nearest to the old historical ranch house/museum and ranger's station.
Goodbye Grant Ranch, for now!